Make Online Scheduling Faster and Easier!

Simplify Online Scheduling and Appointments for your team!

What is Appointmento?

No more emailing to plan meetings! Appointmento is an application scheduler tool that allows users to create a booking calendar based on time zone, and customers can book us based on the schedule/availability provided by the user. All of our bookings will be reflected in our Google and Outlook calendars.


How it Works?

Explore how Appoitmento works to simplify scheduling for you and your team.

Connect Your Calendar

Connect Your Calendar

Login / Register with your accounts like Google, Facebook, or Outlook to Appointmento to check your team or customer’s availability. Add and update the event schedule.

Create your Booking Page

Create Your Booking Page

Create your online booking page with the basic details like title, Introduction message, and a unique name. Set up your real-time availability with selecting the length of your appointments.

Share your Booking Page

Share your Booking Page

Send your booking page link to your team or customers via email and allow them to add an event to their calendar.

Share your Booking Page

Connect with Team

Integrate with various online Calendars like Google and Microsoft. Connect with your team or customers all around the world and schedule from Appointmento.

Share your Booking Page

Auto Reminders

Appointmento automatically reminds about your scheduled event by sending a reminder email to your clients and team. No more confusion, no more delays, no missed appointments or events.

Compelling Features

Take a benefit of simple and easy-to-use features to make scheduling faster and easier with your team and customers.

Reduce no shows with reminders

Personalized Calendar Integration

Manage your personal calendar easily as well as your business schedule. Integrate with your various online calendars.

Scheduling for the whole team

Easy Scheduling & Follow-ups

You can check the list of appointment which has been booked, set up new booking and set reminder follow-ups.

Meet remotely using Zoom or Google Meet

Custom Booking Forms

You can manage the booking form which you want to show your customers while booking; including fields of forms, confirmation messages, notifications, reminders, etc.

Custom availability and control

Auto Time Zone Detection

No more confusions with the time zones. Appointmento automatically detects your time zones or you can set your default time zone as well.

Automate with Zapier

Manage Documents

Easily manage invoices and plan & will be able to see invoice details.

Complete control over your style

Custom Appearance

Manage all the styling and footer of the appointment page to match your brand colour.

Complete control over your style

Integrate with your website

Share and get embed code which you can integrate in your website to make your customers directly book a time to connect with you!

Try Appointmento free

Get started with a FREE 14-day trial of our paid plan to test out all the features.